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Green Sand Ferry Creational Competition Information of Competition


  • Creative Environmental Competition

    Green Sand Ferry Creational Competition Information of Competition.


    • All the application forms for the assessment to be directed to the head offices through respective regional offices.
    • Assessment will be taken place under three evaluation stages.
    • The sand ferries which are functioned according to the rules & conditions of GSMB and other institutions will only be illegible for the contest.
    • Sand ferry should be consisting only one entrance which is not wider than three feat.
    • Name board given by the bureau should be fixed permanently by iron pipe up to a height not more than six feet from existing ground level.
    • The endorsed boats from the bureau should be numbered, according to the permitted manner.
    • All the relevant steps must be adopted to maintain the slope stability where ever necessary.
    • It is insisted to remove aggressive plants and planting of permitted and suitable plants for river banks.
    • It is insisted not to dispose any imperishable synthetic things to the environment such as plastics, polythene and fiber etc.
    • Ball stones, Pebbles, Coarse aggregates found during the mining process should release back to the river or stream.
    • Priority will be given to those riverbanks which are greened with plants such as 'Kubuk' , 'Mee' etc. in the river banks.
    • It is insisted not to burn dispose material and making fire around the banks.
    • It is directed to maintain the sand stock pile, 12 feet apart from the river bank out line.
    • Availability of license holder or nominated individual at the sand ferry, during the stages of investigation and assessment will be a must.
    • The degree of contribution of applicants focused on the betterment of the safety of the workers and the surrounding environment will be directly in pact on the assessment.
    • Final result sheet of the competition will be displayed in the respective regional offices and Head office.
    • If any applicant disqualified from the competition, should continue with functionalities of the event and that, continuation will be directly impact on the extension of the mining license.
    • Disqualified applicants have the privilege of appealing directly to the Director General of the Bureau within seven days from the date of release of results.
    • Winners will reworded with valuable prices through the marking scheme of the judge panel.


    Green Sand Ferry Creational Competition Conditions.


    • Mining license holders who obtained licenses from the bureau for mine sand in rivers,streams and Oya etc. will be eligible for submitting application for the competition.
    • Separate application to be forwarded for each of the sand ferry.
    • It is allowed to use the applications only issued from the bureau.
    • All applications should be submitted to the regional office on or before 31 August 2018.

    • If mining license holder noted to be incurred in any kind of violation of mining license condition after handing over the application, he or she will be disqualified from the competition.
    • All applicants should be liable to obey on the decisions taken by the panel of judges.

    • In a case where the ownership of the license has been charged then, it has to be informed to the coordinating office of Green Sand Ferry at the head office through the respective regional mining engineer.

    • There will be direct impact in the event of rejection of the application, if there is a violation of any condition imposed by other stake holding institutions involved in mining license.

    • Appearing of third party, by way of producing of power of attorney will only be endorsed in case where the license holders found to be lived in abroad.

    • The applications produced from government or private sector institutions will have to be certified by the head of the institutions with relevant rubber-stamp.

    • Application should be produced only in one language either Sinhala, English or Tamil.

    • Applications should be initially registered in the relevant regional office.

    • Applications will not be accepted if sent by post or handing over directly to the head office.

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